Process of Security Tokenization Providing proof of ownership, and a transfer of value.
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Step 1

Carry out due diligence for tokenization based on type of company needs and requirements.

Step 2
Step 2

Our auditing, financial and legal consultants forms the core of our security token advisory team will advise on the jurisdiction checks with regards to the securities, titles such as credit ratings and any other parameters specified by owner.

Step 1 Step 3
Step 3

The technology behind the Tokenized Securities is based on Hyper Ledger which is the industry standard for security tokenization.

Step 2 Step 4
Step 4

The valuation of these securities is scrutinized by an auditing firm, post-which a value per token is suggested and the issuance company such can issue a token at that price.

Step 3 Step 5
Step 5

Once the token is developed with regulations embedded into the smart contract, a dashboard will be provided for investor management for the issuer and fund management for the investors. The dashboards include KYC/AML, Accredited Investor verification and voting rights in-built for investors and project owners depending on the type of token.

Step 4 Step 6
Step 6

The tokens are offered through a Security Token Offering (STO) for investors to purchase a legally compliant token under the framework of the legal requirements. As the smart contract ensures the automation of regulatory requirements, there are no requirements of third-party intermediaries such as transfer agents.

Step 5 Step 7
Step 7

Once the STO is completed, the token is to be listed on Security Token Exchanges for investors to trade on the secondary market.

Step 6